Rock climbing near Zagreb

Rock climbing near Zagreb

If you are a rock-climber or just an adventurous person, and want to try Croatian rocks - do not miss this opportunity! We will go to one of the climbing areas close to Zagreb, and enjoy whole-day climbing. Secured, sport routes, with experienced English-speaking guide included.

A great addition to Zagreb visit, outdoor activity with extra adrenaline, and a chance to visit area in nature close to Zagreb. Run away from a crowded city, and after a short drive you will be below the rock, trying Croatian grey, limestone rocks - part of Dinaric range!


At morning, we will pick you up from an accommodation near Zagreb centre, or optionally meet at climbing area. 1-2h drive to our final destination - climbing area. Depending on weather conditions – we will choose the climbing area, and - if the weather is too bad for climbing outside - we have an option for indoor climbing. Depending on your knowledge - we will have an introductory course to security in climbing, and start climbing. When we get tired and hungry we will have a lunch-break, depending on area there will be possibility to have a lunch in mountain lodge or your own picnic package. After getting needed strength for more climbing, we climb until afternoon, and then head back to Zagreb and your hotel.
  • 8:00 or 9:00 Transfer from accommodation in Zagreb centre (1-2h)
  • Security rock-climbing course on the climbing area.
  • Short practice of learned
  • Climbing secured routes
  • Lunch break when needed
  • Afternoon return to Zagreb
  • Min No of persons: 2
  • Max No of persons: 6
  • Availability: all year, depending on weather conditions
  • Duration: Whole day
  • From: Zagreb
  • Type: GUIDED climbing tour
  • On unfavourable weather conditions - climbing on artificial rock in CLOSED area!
PRICE per PERSON (MIN 2 persons!) FROM €89
  • Professional climbing guide
  • Climbing secured routes
  • Transfer to climbing area - possible to book
  • Climbing equipment - with prior notice about harness and shoes size!
  • Lunch - possible organization picnic lunch, at extra charge please noitfy in advance!
  • Gratuities(optional)
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Trousers should be at least long below the knees to avoid scratches
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bottle for water
  • Photo camera for memories
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (and gloves in winter)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hands lotion
  • Small packable raincoat
  • Spare clothes for change
  • Keep in mind during your travel
  • tour in pdf

Important: As climbing is considered higher risk activity consider taking an insurance! You are taking the activity at YOUR OWN RISK!

Under 18 years: climbing from 14-18 years possible only with written agreement of parent, under 14 climbing activity not available.

Note: On unfavourable weather conditions, climbing is performed indoors on artificial rock!

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