Istria timeless magic of small cities and great food

Istria – largest Croatian peninsula and place of small magical cities on the hills, smelling on truffles, olive oil and great wine!
Istria has its magic in winter, spring, summer and autumn, it has seaside cities, touristic and popular during the summer; and mainland marked with small hill cities. Every hill has its story, Motovun with a story of Veli Jože and popular film festival, Grožnjan with its artistic colonies, Hum as smallest city in the world and Roč cute and wonderful for itself. Here is also historical old railway Parenzana trail, used for walking and biking.

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When in Istria, do not miss going in one of local taverns, sometimes hidden in a small street with unnoticeable sign with directions to “konoba”. As hidden they are the great food they have! Try fuži (small usually homemade pasta) with truffles or venison goulash.  If you are there in asparagus season (spring) – try egg omelette with asparagus. Of course, put some Istria olive oil and drink with Istrian wine! Istrian prosciutto and cheese are typical appetizer, and fritule and kroštule dessert, mmm I’m already heading for Istria!

Istria is timeless, old cities and recipes but modern approach to tourists, good to visit in any season, and for any interest you might have, culture, food, walking, biking or climbing!

Istria Timeless istria

Istria is also seen as a cheaper alternative to Italian Tuscany, but I would say far better alternative with less crowds and delicious food!!

Istria Did you know?

From insider: recipe for pasta with truffles
Buy a small jar of truffles. Better and more expensive are white truffles, which are so intense, that a jar of cream mixture with just 1% of truffles (usually mixed with other mushrooms) is good enough! Cook pasta “al dente” – meaning not overcooked. Separately warm up cooking cream, add parmesan and a spoon of truffles to cream. Taste and add more truffles if not intense enough. Mix with pasta and serve with parmesan. Enjoy!