Gorski kotar & Lika

Green and wild

Gorski kotar is green heart of Croatia: green and fresh, wild and protected, with a great chance to meet a deer, rabbit or a fox, and a bear if you are lucky!
This is the place to run away from summer heat and find the snow during the winter!
If you live here you need to have 4x4 vehicle to be able to leave your home in the winter, and on Christmas, you do not buy Christmas tree, but you go out in your own forest and cut it yourself. If you live here, you drink fresh water from your own natural spring!

Here the food is fresh from the forest, typical "hunting" food, so a great choice of wild boar, deer or a bear specialities, followed by pies, strudels and drinks made from wild berries such as blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry.
Near the famous lake Lokve, specialty not to miss is frog prepared on all modes: fried, goulash or as "frog's blood" homemade brandy!

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It is an undiscovered paradise for itself, place to go wild, relax, and enjoy great food,  fresh water and unforgettable views.
Gorski kotar has several national parks: famous "Plitvice lakes" and beautiful and undiscovered "Risnjak".

When in Gorski kotar, respect the nature and while enjoying in the nature, take in mind that wild animals do carry some risks, so observe them but do not disturb them.


Gorski kotar is the place to go if you are searching off off-the beaten path trails and hidden places.

Gorski kotar off the beaten path

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