Country of thousand sunsets

Most of all famous because of its thousand islands and beautiful beaches, Croatia is so much more!
With numerous places still far back in the past, as time has stopped, Croatia has beautiful mountains, flat Slavonian plains, and hills full of wine yards and hundred years old olive threes!
To be a Croatian means that you are actually very spoiled with good wine, great coffee, delicious food, green forests, mountains with sea views, sunsets in the sea,  clear sea and magnificent beaches!
As Croatia was governed by many nations, each one has left its touch here, you can feel Turkish touch in some customs and language, Venetian buildings can be seen in Istria, and Roman ruins are found all around Croatia!

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Croatia is a place where you can have a great coffee and food of highest quality, range from stronger continental to light Mediterranean seafood. Many houses still grow their own plants and most of the food is natural and ecological. Fresh seafood is available as on the coast also in the continental parts. It is a place where you can easily enjoy homemade wine and strong alcohol (called rakija with all kind of flavours).

Croatia is so diverse that just in few days you can experience huge diversity of nature and taste!


Please = Molim     Thank you = Hvala                Good day = Dobar dan      Good evening = Dobro vece
= Vino          Beer please = Pivo molim      Left = Lijevo                       Right = Desno