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Hiking – naturally!

When hiking, it is possible to move slow enough to experience the nature around, stop, feel the peace, enjoy the view, take a photo or just soak-in the moment. It is simple and enjoyable activity.
It is highly adjustable activity, moving faster creates it physically harder, and moving just a little bit slower, it can be easy enough for anyone to join! There is easy way to adjust level of socialization, moving closer to the group, there is a chance to chat, exchange experience with the companions, and with staying a little behind, there can be a complete silence!
Silence is something much appreciated today! On every tour, we try to have few minutes when everyone keeps quiet and hear the silence. So called “Time of silence” when everyone can have his or her deep experience of surroundings.
It is a chance to absorb sounds of birds and bugs; smell of grass, threes and herbs. These are moments to touch the surroundings: feel the texture of wood, moist of moss, to stop and emerge in experiencing the nature!
Hiking is also healthy and in the same time environmental friendly – nature is harmed the least!
That is why Natural Croatia prepared many hiking trips to choose from. We offer trips for the ones that have less time from one or two days, there are trips lasting whole week and cover few parts of Croatia.  Days offered can be combined in week, and weeks offered can be combined in few weeks to cover more parts of Croatia.

We are always happy to create personal customized trip! All people are different and it is hard to find the itinerary which fist all, so – do not hesitate to ask for a custom-made trip just for you!

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Note: When hiking in nature, be prepared for many surprising events! You may encounter bugs: spiders, ticks, mosquitos, snakes, or bigger animals such as bear, fox or deer.
Croatia has several venomous spiders (dangerous is crna udovica – black widow) and several kinds of venomous snakes, but also the non-venomous ones. Remember, we are in their home when we visit nature, respect them, do not touch or try to harm them. To protect yourself from bugs, wear long sleeves, or sometimes use small quantity of anti-mosquito repellent, which is also harmful for the environment, so do not overuse it.
Although rarely, if you get a tick, you could be infected with several dangerous diseases. After a walk in the nature, always check yourself, and your clothes for ticks, they look like small dark dots, sometimes hard to notice and easily can be mixed with stains. If tick already sticks to your skin, remove it with tweezers rotating in the opposite – clock direction, and clean the wound with the disinfecting liquid. Do NOT try to kill them (soak) with any liquid before removing!
For protection from snakes – wear long pants and high shoes - this will also protect you from scratches that can often happen even during the easiest walk.
There is no special protection from bears, foxes or deer. Do not approach them, ESPECIALLY if you see mother bear with cubs! If fox bites you, search for help immediately and note that you should get a shot of rabies vaccine as soon as possible!


Trips rated EASY typically have 1-3 hours of activity per day, with hikes/walks less than 5 km (3 miles) on mostly flat terrain at altitudes of up to 900,00 m (3.000,00 feet).
Trips rated as EASY to MODERATE are designed for travellers seeking both EASY and MODERATE trip activity levels. Trips rated EASY to MODERATE typically have easier rated walks/hikes with options for more moderate activity levels on some days.
Trips rated MODERATE typically have 3-6 hours of activity per day, with hikes up to 16 km (10 miles) on mountainous terrain with some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails at altitudes of up to 1.800,00m (5.900,00 feet).
Trips rated as MODERATE to STRENUOUS are designed for travellers seeking both MODERATE and STRENUOUS trip activity levels. Trips rated MODERATE to STRENUOUS typically have moderate rated hikes with options for more strenuous activity levels on some days.
Trips rated STRENUOUS typically have 5-8 hours of activity per day, with hikes up to 16-19 km (10-12 miles) on mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents/descents and uneven trails at altitudes of up to 1.800,00m (5.900,00 feet).

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