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Biking – in nature!

Biking is next most natural moving if walking is a bit too slow for you. On our biking trips, we like to use as much as possible off-road trails, or at least roads less populated with cars. To bike means enjoying the nature, moving through villages, hills and plains; climbing uphill and getting downhill, with the strength of our muscles. Bike is good for carrying luggage, and it can sometimes become small mobile home if you put a tent and a sleeping bag in your saddlebags. Biking is a great way of transport, healthy both for human body and for the environment. When biking our vehicle does not harm air, plants or animals around.
Natural Croatia offers bike routes that move through old villages to sense the culture, with choice of great views and beautiful trails. Most of the routes finish with rewarding classic local made meal!

We are all different, so if you do not find your idea of a trip in our offer - please check for option of creation of custom trip just for you or option of a customization already existing trip! We are here to help!

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Keep in Mind
Biking is relaxing and enjoyable activity, but also carries some risks. Take in mind not to go biking in the summer sun at noon. Wear helmet! Put sunscreen and drink a lot of water. Energy bar is also smart thing to have!

Bike Check
If you decide to do the rental, our partners will do the technical bike check for you. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to do short bike check before heading onto trail! Just sit on bike, see if brakes work, make a short circle to check if all fits, it takes just a few seconds and can mean a lot more! Remember, you will run smoother if chain and derailleurs are well oiled.


Trips rated Easy include shorter bike rides without serious elevation gain. Expect some short climbs and descents. Maximum daily height gain is approximately 250 metres and daily distances less then 50kms (32 miles), any longer days are often optional.
Trips rated as EASY to MODERATE are designed for travelers seeking both EASY and MODERATE trip activity levels. Trips rated EASY to MODERATE typically have easier rated rides with options for more moderate activity levels on some days.
Trips rated MODERATE require good health and beeing reasonably fit, suitable for occasional cyclist or as a relaxed trip for fitter riders. Moderate off-road trips require no previous experience. Distances are usually up to 70kms (43 miles) per day.
Trips rated as MODERATE to STRENUOUS are designed for travelers seeking both MODERATE and STRENUOUS trip activity levels. Trips rated MODERATE to STRENUOUS typically have moderate rated rides with options for more strenuous activity levels on some days.
Trips rated STRENUOUS typically have 5-8 hours of activity per day, with rides more than 70 kms (43 miles) per day. Confidence in your ability and physical condition is required on this level of trip. Previous mountain biking experience is essential for off road rides as they will involve some technical riding.