Our story & Team

Our  Story

Natural Croatia Adventure Travel is a travel agency that provides adventure tours in the natural beauty of Croatian landscape. Made for adventurers that love to explore their limits towards creating adventure and feeling adrenaline in their veins. It was created from love and passion of our founder, Petra when she decided to leave current career in IT project management, and devote herself to making people happy.

We work whole year for these few weeks of holidays, then it turns out that we work for THESE moments in our lives. Let us make something unforgettable out of every moment of it!

Petra Ban the founder of Natural Croatia Adventure Travel

Sometimes just hiking to the highest peak, and looking to the sea from up above gets you excited, and sometimes the thrill is in climbing the rocks, sailing with the wind or flying and gliding as a bird! We will take you the backstage of Croatian nature - old, mystic trails, well known to the natives and their sheep, but not so much to others.
We organize one or multi day tours, and whole week packages that include guided or self-guided programs. Activities covered are walking/hiking, biking and rock climbing, all performed outdoor in the nature. Activity levels can be adopted to your wishes and capabilities, alongside with the length of programme.
Easier level adventures or Soft Adventures are programmes tailor made for the people that love nature, but do not need too much adrenaline. High activity level Adrenaline adventures are designed with passionate nature lovers in mind, that need to feel more alive, like to climb a mountain - not trough the trail - but vertically through the rock, the ones that like to sail on heavy sea. In addition, we create Special Adventures - they are custom - designed and accommodated to one's personal needs and wishes. Special Adventures are introducing you into more living in the nature and merging with nature mode.
We are in this because we LOVE IT! And we want you to feel the same.

After my kids, Natural Croatia is the biggest project of my life – so expect the best from it!

Petra Ban the founder of Natural Croatia Adventure Travel


Our Team

Petra Ban


Her two passions: Travelling and Adventure sports! Travelled on four continents and practiced from mountain biking and hiking, over paragliding, windsurfing and horseback riding to her great passions sailing and rock climbing.

Marin Ban

Logistic Manager

As a perfectionist in everything, Marin will take care that all logistic elements of our tours are perfectly planned and performed! By profession mechanical engineer, but working actively in IT industry. Marin is an active basketball player, and often likes to go for a weekend hike and bike ride.

Petra Milinkovic

Climbing guide

With more than 15 years of climbing experience, Petra has knowledge, patience and advanced security techniques in Rock Climbing on sport routes.

Nino Ruzicka

Biking guide & support

Nino has more than 20 years of experience in mountain biking, numerous medals and extensive knowledge and experience in repairing bikes. If not on bike, Nino will be with us as bike support!

Dario Rocco

Walking and Biking guide

Dario has more than 20 years of experience in mountain biking and more than one trekking expedition race finished to be proud of! As every true biker, Dario will know what to do with your bike if anything goes wrong.

Nina Angelis

Hiking & Trekking guide

Nina is experienced tour guide and translator, a true lover of adventure sports and a world traveller. In love with snowboarding and windsurfing. Practising swimming and hiking. Participated in Adriatic swimming marathon.

Philippe Belhouchet

Walking guide - french

Philippe is an experienced tour guide, specialized in Dalmatia. As a French native speaker he is teaching and translating French and living in Croatia since he fell in love with its nature and culture.

Ravijojla Novakovic

Walking guide

Ravijojla can guide you in English, Hungarian and Swedish. She will walk up the mountain with you and tell you all about the history of Zagreb and county. A person with huge knowlegde, and even bigger amount of positive engery!

Petra Fabijanic

Climbing guide

Petra Fell in love with climbing 7 years ago and is still pursuing her passion. As a specialized sport climbing trainer Petra will show you how to easily and safely conquer routs and enjoy doing it!

Sanja Đurin

Climbing, Hiking and Biking guide

In more than 10 years of expertise, Sanja is a proud member of two Croatian female expeditions: Mt Everest and Aconcagua! Sanja can guide you in mountaineering, trekking, climbing, cycling and diving in German and English!

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