White rocks trail

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White Rocks & Vihoraški Trail

A trail in middle of green Gorski kotar in the area that Croatia has protected with the top nature protection possible: Strict nature reserve! The nature here must stay untouched and wild, so we are privileged to just pass through the Reserve, taking home only our photos and memories.
We will trek Vihoraški put, the legendary trail that goes between White rocks (Bijele stijene) and Samarske rocks (Samarske stijene). Experienced mountaineers consider Vihoraški put one of the most beautiful trails in Croatia. For passing some parts of the trail, you need to climb the rocks a bit, using both the hands and legs, and helping yourself with cable and ladder. As technically hard it is, the rewarding views are! This route in total we will divide in 2 days, to take it easy and leave enough time to enjoy the views.

Optional evening meeting in city centre. If you are available you can meet the team, and do the briefing for next 2 days.
8:00 we will pick you up from the Zagreb centrally located accommodation. Transfer to start of the White rocks trail (around 2h). First, we hike up to Ratkovo shelter to leave our things and camping equipment for the evening and night (30-45 min). Keep in mind to take only necessary, as we will have to carry this next day on the way back! Then we drive back to start of White rocks trail, with just daypack for the trail. Our hike leads us in the green forest and to the start of the White rocks trail (1h). At the top, the brave climbers climb top of White rocks to have spectacular view. We continue on the Vihoraški trail (5h), with an option to visit Chapel and Elephants beard stone formations. We observe interesting stone formations looking like a head and as we walk, we go deep into the wilderness. We have a break in Green valley, and enjoy numerous small climbs to other formed valleys full of flowers, roots, rocks and laid down threes. On some parts of Vihoraški trail, we have to squeeze to pass between curiously formed rocks. On part called Ljuska (a shell) we climb even with ladder! It is one of the most challenging trails in Croatia, not as conditionally as technically. However, this is what makes it more interesting, and views are fabulous! Finally we arrive to our shelter, put the fire on and cook our dinner together!(L, D)
After breakfast and packing our shelter – we start our hike back. Today we have much easier trail. So we arrive soon (in 2 -3 hours approximately) back to our car and start return back to Zagreb.(B)
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  • Min No of persons: 2
  • Max No of persons: 7
  • Availability: Mid-May to October
  • Duration: 2 days
  • From: Zagreb
  • Type: GUIDED walking tour
  • Activity Level: 4 – Moderate to Strenuous. With technically challenging parts!
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PRICE FROM (FROM 2 persons) €199
STATUS Guaranteed
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • 1 night in mountain shelter
  • All transfers
  • All meals noted in program (B-breakfast, L–Lunch, D-dinner)
  • Water (please take your bottles!)
  • Sleeping bag & Mat
  • Cooking equipment
  • Backpack (on request)
  • Small day-backpack
  • First aid kit
  • GPS support
  • Insurance
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • Meals not stated in program
  • Transfers not stated in the program
  • High trekking shoes, Long hiking pants
  • Comfortable walking clothes
  • Hat/Buff
  • Small day backpack (available on request)
  • Backpack for equipment (available on request)
  • Windproof jacket
  • Small packable raincoat
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen
  • Spare clothes (pack in closed bags to keep safe from water)
  • Personal hygiene necessities for 1 night
  • Photo camera - for your memories!
  • Keep in mind during your travel
  • tour in pdf

This tour is “backpacking style”: we carry all needed food and water together with sleeping bags and mat with us. Water for personal hygiene is available from the water tank. Sleeping is in Mountain shelter, with no bathroom and no toilet services (true Adventure!). Keep your necessities to minimum, not to overload your backpack!