Signature Tours

Custom Made Activities

Signature tours - tailor made for you!

Most of our tours are tailor made. Often we do it for our partner agencies (B2B), as they request special activities and content for their clients, prefer having it done on a specific date, or just want to have something a bit different for themselves.
We welcome these requests! We love it because it allows us to create a special experience for the client and tailor it with the client. This way we give you just the vacation you want, we work together towards our common goal – having an amazing holiday!
We recommend exploring our website, seeing what Croatia offers (regions and tourist attractions), what activities we supply and decide which area you would like to go to and what activities you would like to have. Tell us what you like, when and how many of you and send us an email!
This is non-obligatory email, we will be happy to prepare an offer or a suggestion and refine it together with you! Feel free to include as much detail as you want in your email – tell us your wishes, your dreams, your problems, your abilities, do not hesitate to tell us about yourself!
You will get your personal travel consultant dedicated to you and start making your journey of a lifetime!


Create your tailor made trip in advance
Note: Tailor made holidays ensure you will experience an unique trip made for you and with you. Bear in mind to plan it early, as usually  all reservations of accommodation and activities must be done well in advance! Especially if you search for a trip in peak/high season (for Croatia, that is mid June till mid September). Often, the places that are really special (in particular restaurants and  accommodation) are usually sold-out first!