Day or Weekend



Day or Weekend Tours

Day or Weekend Tours are ideal if you are in the city and want to do a city break, to do just an adventure hike, bike or try climbing. The most usual are day tours that start early morning and return by the evening. These tours do not include accommodation, just the experience you choose! Ideal to choose if you are with a family and want to do something different for a day.
Sometimes the location of day adventure tour is a bit too far away and there is a need to stay overnight before returning to the starting location. That is what we call two day tour or city break.
City break can also last 3 or 4 days, and generally, it consists of few 1 or 2-day tours with a returning trip to sleep in the city after each tour. It is an idea to use the city as a base and do small interesting trips at neighbourhood.


Combine one day tours in a package!
If you are interested in more than one day-tour we offer - you can always search for a custom made program lasting longer, do not hesitate to ask - we are here to help!

Day or Weekend Tours