Region of sun, sea, mountains and rocks

Dalmatia is usually seen on big posters, great sunny beaches, many small islands, big islands with boat parties, and there is more! Dalmatia hides also small deserted islands, great wild mountains and Dalmatian hinterland.
The great thing about Dalmatia is that it has good weather even in winter. Only one big enemy in the winter is heavily strong NE wind called “bura”. Bura in winter can go as fast as 220 km/h (137 mph)! Then it just takes everything apart, ferries stop operating, roads close, and no one is outside of the house. However, without bura, climate here is sunny, with mild winters and hot summers.
This gives Dalmatia great popularity as summer and beach destination. Dalmatia has the cleanest seawater and the most beautiful beaches in the world. Dalmatian mountains are high and wild; heaven for rock climber on magnificent limestone, and astonishment for a hiker as usual hikes give better sea views with every step higher you take!
When in Dalmatia, eat seafood, grilled fish (riba s gradela), fresh vegetables, do not skip eating blitva (Swiss chard), as it is so typical food for Dalmatia, that sometimes Dalmatians are called “blitvari” instead of “dalmatinci”.

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Hot climate is great for olives and for grapes, so Dalmatian wine and olive oil is something to enjoy while visiting! Dalmatian prosciutto (dalmatinski pršut) and dalmatian bacon (pancetta) are specially dried on bura wind during the winter so they can be served to you in the next season. Great speciality is Dalmatian peka, where meat (usually lamb and veal) is cooked and baked under the bell together with plenty of vegetables, which produces mouth-watering juicy and soft meal.
For dessert, good to try is sweet flan prepared with eggs and sugar, called rožata, and in some parts of dalmatia available cake Makarana, made with lots of almonds.

Note: The most frequent danger in Dalmatia is to get sunburn, sunstroke and dehydration. All can be avoided if taking in enough water, putting sunscreen and moving away from the sun in the midday in summer! Do consider that in the mountains there are venomous snakes, so walking barefoot is highly dangerous. Although rare, in the sea can be found sea urchins, so take care not to step onto one.  If you decide to try fishing, do take in mind that there are also venomous fishes so if you do catch one, take care when holding it with hand!

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